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No Middle Name ‘Saturday Girl Sunday Boy’

Olivia here. I recently had a heated discussion with someone about football, and my passing interest in it. A little background; my family on my Dad’s side were a mixture of Italian and Irish immigrants who lived in North London amongst the bustling immigrant community in the area since the early 1900’s. As you can imagine, this Catholic family gave rise to many, many children, whilst cementing their place in England through a number of cafes and shops. Whilst they lay down their roots, they found they had a decision to make – Arsenal or Tottenham? Thankfully, they decided on the former, and despite many of the family moving outside of London, we have remained a family of Arsenal supporters nonetheless. Growing up, Arsenal was everything. It was at Highbury that I experienced my first football match, and it was an Arsenal top I wore to my first day of football practise and later gave to a young fan on a trip to Tanzania. My Mum still keeps a photo of Arsene Wenger in her locker at work. Since then, my interest in football has waned – I will never choose to watch football on the telly, but Arsenal still holds a very special place in my heart, which some people find difficult to understand. The idea that someone has a passing interest in the sport, yet doesn’t religiously watch MOTD seems to confuse people – like football is a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of thing. For many of us, football is purely sentimental, and whilst I won’t be tuning into Football Focus anytime soon, I still care how my team performs this season. Anyway, after a largely self-indulgent monologue, I would like to share some upbeat indie to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming week. No Middle Name is the pseudonym of songwriter David Bailey, who’s latest album ‘Fondness‘ is a work of super-nostalgic indie pop, littered with shoegazey textural interest and tongue in cheek songwriting. The third track on the album ‘Saturday Girl Sunday Boy‘ is particularly good, with haphazard vocals layered over cascading Johnny Marr-esque guitar riffs. The track’s insatiable rhythm and melody makes this the perfect track to get yourself going on a rainy Monday. Enjoy.

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