European Vacation ‘Still Waiting’

Olivia here. Yesterday it was quite warm here, so I walked down to a little meadow I had discovered earlier in the week to catch some rays and read a book – ‘Dream Story‘ by Arthur Schnitzler, a pioneer in exploring human sexuality, much like his contemporary Sigmund Freud. So far I’m only two chapters in, but it’s a fascinating read; detailing the trauma, and later, understanding of a married couple who begin divulging their fantasies to each other. This meadow is a bit of a haven for me; I’ve not seen one person since I started going there, but I did see the first butterflies of spring which was nice. I chose to sit at the top of a hill which gives a pretty good vantage point of the place, from where I spotted a cat stalking some pigeons in the distance. I was about to leave when I decided to approach it, and it was the friendliest little cat ever. It had the most beautiful fluffy coat, white and marmalade, and no collar which made me wonder if it was a stray (or hoped more like). It followed me around for a bit, and I checked out the area in case it had any kittens hidden in the bushes (it didn’t – again I live in hope), so I concluded that it was just a rather wild house cat let loose for the afternoon and went on my way. It’s good to get out in the sunshine and commune with nature, especially if you’re like me and spend a lot of time indoors working from home. Sadly the weather is abysmal today, so I’m stuck inside, and listening to the latest album ‘2‘ from European Vacation, the pseudonym of Winnipeg based musician Bry Rieger. Described by the artist as an album of ’70’s style keyboard-based stylings’, the first track ‘Still Waiting‘ is particularly good. With a nostalgic jazz sound, gentle sine-heavy keyboards accompany Rieger’s understated vocal, giving the effect of a mumbled first take of a recording at the keys. Shuffling drums play up the jazz feel and give the track a sense of movement, making it the perfect listen for late drives and insomniac nights lying awake in bed. Enjoy.

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