TOPS ‘Petals’

Olivia here. This weekend I have been charged with the responsibility of cutting my partner’s hair. Or at least, attempting to. You see, he has this strange notion that hairdressers are incapable of achieving his desired look (an undercut, but not an undercut; bald, but not bald, graduated, but the same length), and somehow he believes I am, despite having no training save for cutting my own fringe in a few moments of madness. So he has purchased some clippers (more expensive than a visit to the barber I might add), and an instructional DVD, and has threatened to shave his entire head bald unless I do it. As much as I hate literary clichés, that truly would be cutting off his nose to spite is face. Or his hair. Either way, I’m the one who has to look at him everyday, so I have accepted my fate – wonky haired boyfriend or bald boyfriend. I choose the latter, in some misguided hope that my efforts won’t be in vain. So spare a thought for me this weekend, as I shave wonky lines into my beloved’s stubborn little head and try to avoid shearing off his earlobes. Pray for me, pray for the ‘do, pray for our relationship. It may not last the weekend. Trying to distract myself from our impending doom, I have been listening to the insatiable new single ‘Petals‘ from TOPS, the Canadian four piece taking the DIY pop scene by storm. Harking back to 70’s disco music with lazily strummed electric guitar, and a tight rhythm section, this track is totally evocative of summer days and sunshine. Sugary Fleetwood Mac-esque vocal harmonies further throwback to that 70’s vibe, with languorous guitar solos breaking through the hazy mix. Enjoy, and happy Friday.

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