fuvk ‘ghost sheets’

Olivia here. In case you hadn’t noticed, yesterday was International Women’s Day. I received a few emails wishing me a happy one, which was nice – although I can’t say that I was treated by mankind any differently than any other day. Then this morning on my way to work, a man shouted across the street ‘you look beautiful today!’, and wished me a ‘happy International Women’s Day’ for yesterday, which made me laugh. What a fine line to tread between catcalling and female empowerment – but hey, at least he tried, which I do appreciate. Plus, who am I to turn down a compliment when it comes? I’m not exactly inundated. Usually catcalling (from those with less than wholesome intentions) puts me in a sour mood, and for good reason. It’s degrading, it’s embarrassing, and can sometimes be quite frightening, especially if you are on your own. The word catcalling, I feel, is a bit of a misnomer. Firstly, let’s not associate something so heinous with cats, which are of course tiny furry angels. Secondly, more often than not, men don’t shout these kind of things for all to hear – it’s usually something muttered under their breath, a ‘smile love’ when you’re walking past, kissing noises, a whispered ‘slut’ when you’re stood close on the tube. The smile thing really gets to me – men never say this to other men; it’s just a perpetuation of the idea that women’s faces and bodies are the objects of men, and that they have some kind of divine right to intervene should they be displeased with what they see.  I think the best way to deal with a demand to smile is to look the perpetrator square in the eye and do a kind of velociraptor screech in their face. Alternatively, pre-fill your mouth with a fake blood capsule, smile inanely, and let the fake blood run down your chin. It’s really down to personal preference.  Anyway – today, some of the Killing Moon team are flying out to SXSW, so it’s appropriate that today’s Track Of The Day comes from Austin based bedroom pop artist fuvk, who has just released a new EP ‘Almost Tuesday‘. One track that particularly stands out is ‘ghost sheets‘, a hypnotic psalm of loneliness and the space in between. The repetitive melody allows for the cleverly written lyrics to take centre stage, with simple vocal harmony accentuating cadence points. Haunting piano melodies give this otherwise grounded track a sense of otherworldliness – a juxtaposition between the mundane and the profound, the couch cushions and the spaces in between.

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