Diet Cig ‘Barf Day’

Olivia here. Am I uncool? [KM: Yes] Actually don’t answer that. [KM: Too late and serves you right for not posting up your own drafts] I’ve fully thrown myself onto the lo fi bandwagon and now if I listen to music that sounds in any way produced I am immediately turned off. When I say produced, I’m talking super-pop-sparkly production, not the unbearably cool production work of those in the alternative hip hop, pop, and RnB scenes – that stuff is A-OK in my book. ~Regardless, I need help – this is starting to turn into a problem, considering that the trend for lo fi music can’t go on forever PLUS there is a multitude of brilliant pop and indie artists who use elegant production techniques to their advantage. I guess part of the problem is how I listen to music – when I’m looking out for stuff to feature on the blog, I tend to listen to the first 10 seconds of a song before deciding whether it’s for me. Generally, my gut instincts are correct, but I’m sure that there is a lot of wonderful music out there that has completely passed me by. I actually came across a Spotify playlist recently entitled ‘lo fi bedroom music for sad girls‘, and I realised that I’m such a stereotypical twenty-something white girl and I need to expand my horizons a bit (no hate towards the playlist by the way, it’s really good). I’m not quite ready to make that change however, so here is some wonderful lo fi pop punk courtesy of Diet Cig, who have recently released new single ‘Barf Day‘. Telling the story of a birthday gone wrong (think loneliness, blowing out candles alone, missing your own surprise party etc.), Alex Luciano’s piping vocal soars above the punky guitar and drums. It’s no surprise that, as well as acclaim from music critics, the duo also enjoy a rather large following of little girls – after all, everyone wants ice cream on their birthday.

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