Joni Payne ‘Stick To Weed’

Olivia here. Usually I waffle on about something before talking about actual music, but today I’m going to dive right in, because there is so much I love about Joni Payne’s latest release ‘Stick To Weed‘. Rejoice, for you are all spared from the insane ramblings of a mad woman. Instead, I’m going to tell you why you should listen to this song on repeat all day every day. Firstly, just listen to her voice – sultry and smooth, with the perfect amount of raspiness, it floats effortlessly above the jazz inspired piano below. However, it’s not just her tone that’s stunning, it’s what she does with voice; sampled in collage style chaos, coming together for silky harmonic cadences. The production in general is lush, melding jazz and RnB influences with atmospheric electronic production elements, with haunting beats providing some framework for the the more ethereal elements of the track to adhere to. Of the track Payne says “I think that when the vices in life get to be too much it can be helpful to hit reset, and go back to the basics. For me, this song is about recognising when things might be getting too heavy, and slowing down before you’re in over your head.” If things are getting too heavy, this track is surely the antidote. This is the song you play when you break up with someone. This is the song you play when you tell the fuckboy where to go, sipping on a martini in a feather edged satin nightgown. Cheers everyone.

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