PREMIERE: Eddie Prové ‘I Know What I Saw’

Olivia here. It seems like a new story featuring eyebrow raising statistics on adultery comes out every few weeks these days. Supposedly reputable sources have placed the number of relationships suffering from one or both parties straying as high as 50%, yet a comprehensive study on infidelity placed the probability of being cheated on in a given year as low as 6%, potentially rising to a high of 25% over the course of an entire relationship (Blow & Hartnett, 2005). So, it seems that statistically, your chances of being cheated on are remarkably low – so why does it seem so common? It’s important to note that this study was based on self reporting from a sample of people in heterosexual relationships, which doesn’t account for those in same sex relationships. Furthermore, one of the big downfalls of self reporting, is that the definition of adultery could vary widely between one person at the next – where do we draw the line? Most people can agree that having sex with someone other than your partner is cheating, but what about emotional non-sexual relationships? Internet relationships? Flirting? Sending nudes over Snapchat? We were on a break? (For the record Ross was totally in the wrong there). Some people say that they would feel more betrayed if they found their partner was engaging in an emotional relationship with someone than if they had a one night stand with someone else, which I can understand. I guess it’s up to couples to set the boundaries of what is and isn’t okay – for example, people who go to swingers parties may be cool with their partner hooking up with someone else as long as they were pre-warned. It’s all very complicated really, unless people communicate with each other properly. Staying on the theme of relationship issues, today’s Track Of The Day is ‘I Know What I Saw‘ from Reading-based (and occasional Draper collaborator) artist Eddie Prové, who communes utter defiance in the face of a relationship breakdown. Co-written by grime producers The Knutbrowns, the track melds textured electronic production with Eddie’s powerful falsetto vocal, rising to a crescendo of emotional intensity in the chorus. Whilst I hope none of you are going through heart-troubles at the moment, if you are, this is the perfect track  to have on in the background whilst  you cry and eat a whole bag of Doritos by yourself. Not that I have ever done that.

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