Olivia here. Tomorrow I’m going home to the city of dreams Southampton to spend some much needed time with my pet cat and dog. I was born in Southampton, but since moving about a mile down the road, I now technically fall under Portsmouth jurisdiction (but we don’t tell people that – there is a fierce rivalry between the two cities, that goes back way further than football). Soon however, I won’t have a home in Southampton anymore, as my parents have decided to take themselves, my brother, my dog, and my cat, off to a new life in Italy, seeing the Tambini clan return to their ancestral homeland. Naturally, I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it means free holidays in Tuscany whenever I want. On the other, it means that my beloved pets will live and die (sooner rather than later I imagine) over 700 miles away from me. My cat in particular, will be a wrench, considering that she was given to me as a 10th birthday present, and we have been pretty much inseparable ever since – I would even go as far as saying she has been a constant companion in my life…dare I say, a best friend? Not keeping her here with me was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made – but I simply can’t provide her with the life she deserves. I live in a tiny flat, with no access to the outside, but she lives for spending entire days in the great outdoors, especially in the summer, hiding under cars, getting in the way of postman, sleeping under bushes, and occasionally catching mice. It would be completely selfish of me to keep her here, considering how much better her quality of life would be in Italy (although I’m pretty wary that she might get eaten by a bear or a wolf). You may think I’m being melodramatic because, after all, she’s only a cantankerous old cat – but I am someone who places animals on equal footing with people – I don’t discriminate whether you’ve got two legs, or four, or none. Having written this blog post out, I have realised that there is no good way to segue into the Track Of The Day…it’s Friday, so shoot me. ANYWAY, today’s pick is from a brand new band called Ulysses Wells, who have burst onto the scene with their debut track ‘Taste It‘. Featuring moody slide guitar, scorching vocals, and interesting percussive textures, the track packs a powerful rhythmic punch, stopping and starting and never allowing the listener to get comfortable. It’s certainly an impactful debut from the new band, who I’m sure we will be hearing lots about in the future. Enjoy.

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