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The Venisons ‘Heart’

Olivia here. We did it guys. It’s spring. Whilst it’s not exactly balmy out there, we can at least rest easy knowing that winter is over for another year. As I approach my Killing Moon birthday, I’ve been reflecting on my first year in the music industry – how every day is different, yet many aspects are completely how I imagined they would be. Take being a girl (a very young looking girl at that) in the music industry. Whilst I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of brilliant female musicians, producers, DJs, executives, PR’s, agents, and creative directors I have encountered over the last year, I have also at times been disheartened by the way I am perceived by others in the industry. Whilst the vast, vast majority of people I have met are respectful and understanding, there have been more times than I can count when men in the industry have introduced themselves to every one of my male colleagues, bar me. Or the number of times I have been called ‘love’, or ‘darling’ by well meaning (usually older) men. The times when I have been mistaken for a personal assistant or those outside the industry have assumed my role is of a receptionist. I am under no illusion however, about how my own hangups have a role in creating these situations – I know that I am not the most assertive figure, something that I’m trying to work on with AIM’s workshops in public speaking aimed at women in the music industry next month. I don’t think sexism is excusable, but I have come to realise that I need to make changes to my approach if I want things to change. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but girls still feel under pressure to work that little bit harder, to perform that bit better to command the same respect as their male counterparts, as I’m sure many BME people, people with disabilities, LGBT people, and neuro-atypical people do. One day, I’m sure we will live in a feminist utopia, where femininity, and gentleness are not seen as negative traits and are instead celebrated. Until then, girls like me will pull up their bootstraps, get a little mean, and learn to play with the big boys. Anyway, now that I’m done ranting, here is a charming little slice of lo fi Americana to see in the first day of spring. ‘Heart‘ is taken from California natives The Venisons‘ debut EP, and features lazily strummed guitar played in a relaxed rhythm, following the subtle tempo changes in the lead vocal. The vocal itself is stunning, with folk-style lilting and crying, enhancing the simple melody. Enjoy.

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