SUNKEN ‘Recompose’

Olivia here. I’ve been missing South East London recently. I do still get my weekly fix of London life by coming into the Killing Moon office in Camden, but this small slice of North London isn’t doing enough for me – this morning I found myself craving a ride on the Jubilee line, or maybe even taking the DLR down to Greenwich for a walk through by the river. I miss the weird mash up of leafy suburban-ness and inner city grit – there was a huge concrete monolith of a building near where I used to live, that had slowly been reclaimed by enormous green vines that snaked there way up the building’s periphery. The very embodiment of ‘concrete jungle’. I miss living above a corner shop, where I could nip in to get an ice cream after work, and sit on my balcony in the last of the day’s sunshine. I have been born in suburbia, but I will always be a city girl at heart.  That’s why I’m keen to share some music from my former stomping ground, the latest single ‘Recompose‘ from South London band SUNKEN. Combining lo fi Lily Allen style vocals with wavering jazz guitar and subtle synth flourishes, the slacker pop outfit succeed in creating a piece of music that sounds entirely unique. This is a track all about juxtaposition – between sweetly sung lyrics and gritty realism, softly played jazz influenced guitar chords and drum n bass style electronics. Just like South East London, this track is suburbia meets inner city, flora finding a home in a concrete jungle.

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