Girl Ray ‘Stupid Things’

Olivia here. Anyone who’s had a crush on someone knows the havoc it can wreak on your life. The stumbling over sentences, the giggles, the horrendous oversharing. The sudden all consuming interest in films or books briefly mentioned in conversation – the inexplicable need to become the object of your crushes’ desire, even if that means becoming a hard core thrash metal fan despite having your phone background set to an image of Zayn Malik (‘it’s ironic’, you tell yourself whilst photoshopping your face onto Gigi Hadid’s body). Not to mention the flushed cheeks and mind numbing meltiness in the pit of your stomach whenever you see them walk into a room. It’s horrible, physically and emotionally – but also kind of fun in a masochistic kind of way. Even more fun if you are a bystander to a friend’s anguish, allowing you to inflict endless amounts of torture with simply a smug look in their intended’s direction. The funny thing about crushes, is that they can strike in the strangest and most inappropriate of situations – suddenly your plumber is Adonis reincarnate, or your straight best friend becomes the subject of your fledgling sapphic desires. In the spirit of awkward crushes, I would like to share the latest track from North London three-piece Girl Ray, who are back with ‘Stupid Things‘, following the release of their first single with Moshi Moshi, ‘Trouble‘. Described by lead guitarist and vocalist Poppy Hankin as a song about ‘crushing really hard on someone and finding myself doing fucking ridiculous things to feel like we’ve got some kind of connection‘, this sweetly honest pop track perfectly embodies the awkwardness of a crush. Stripped back  lo fi vocals in endearing harmony sit above a base of kitschy piano with glockenspiel flourishes, whilst catchy hooks demonstrates the band’s prowess as songwriters. Negotiating that fine line between kitsch-cool and twee is no mean feat, and the band do it well, making this the perfect track to send to your crush today. Hopefully they get the hint.

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