Julietta ‘Beach Break’

Olivia here. Yesterday I went for a long walk down the A-roads that surround my town, empty save for a few big houses with long paved driveways, built away from the relative bustle of the high street. It felt, for the first time in ages, warm in the sun, something that has happily carried on into today. The general mood of people seems to be lifted, and everything seems brighter. It feels like winter is finally over after what seems like a decade of cold weather. As soon as I’ve finished writing this, I’m heading out to enjoy the sunshine (or what’s left of it), so I will keep it short and sweet today with a summery new track from Julietta, ‘Beach Break‘. Combining surfer style electric guitar with fresh electronic beats, Julietta recorded the new track in sunny Nicaragua with musician Jack Goodman, saying that she ‘needed some time to write, read, create, get lost with monkeys, and get beat up surfing’ whilst working on new music. Inspired by the daily rhythm the two fell into of music making, surfing, and yoga, ‘Beach Break‘ makes use of samples taken from the South American surroundings, sounds of the jungle recorded from her bedroom window, giving the track a true sense of time and place. It is this interesting use of texture that makes the track so danceable, particularly through the intricate use of vocal sampling providing the track’s rhythmic centre, allowing the lyrics to blur into each other in a dreamy mess. Whack this on and give in to summer nostalgia.

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