Her’s ‘Speed Racer’

Olivia here. As predicted, I am working from home today, too ill to face the hour long journey into our Camden office. Not that being at home particularly makes me feel better, especially as the sun is shining outside. We are lucky enough to have three (!) windows in our bedroom here, so I have a pretty good view of the street below from my desk, meaning I can people watch to my heart’s content. Recently I’ve fallen into the bad habit of working in front of the TV, which a) makes me extremely unproductive, and b) makes me feel terrible about myself. Just sitting up straight at a desk with no distractions really does wonders for my mental health – plus my piano is right next to me, so I can play Disney songs until my ears bleed (today’s selection was ‘Part Of Your World‘ from the Little Mermaid…classic). After a long period of musical detachment, I have found myself lingering a little longer at the keys, actively seeking out time to practise, something that’s been helped hugely by my new DIY synth maker, courtesy of Korg’s littleBits. If you haven’t seen them in action, check out this video from multi instrumentalist Reggie Watts, who demonstrates the vast potential for music making these little kits have. What I love about littleBits, is the absolute emphasis on fun – you don’t have to be a wizard synth maker to create cool sequences and rhythms, and it’s possible to use these kits in both a live and a casual setting. Even the components themselves are brightly coloured and helpfully labelled, so that even a child could use them just as easily as a professional producer. Fun and silliness is something that is so lacking in the music industry, which is why a band like Her’s are such a breath of fresh air. The Liverpool based pop duo’s latest track ‘Speedracer‘ is a fifties inspired doo-wop romp, with shimmering guitar riffs and haphazard bass lines providing the track with tons of danceability. Lead singer Stephen Fitzpatrick’s sultry baritone vocal underpins this glittery mix, trying to charm with tongue-in-cheek quips like “I only need your love for one night/ One night repeated for the rest of my life”. Be still my beating heart. ‘Speedracer’ is an education in smooth talking – boys and girls take note.

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