Beach Riot

Beach Riot ‘B.A.D’

Been a hot minute since we last wrote on this thing. How’ve you all been? Sorry we haven’t spoken to you for a while. It’s been terribly busy, you see, and in fact the various stresses involved have been taking their toll pretty much since we’ve been back in action this year (which is hilarious to write down given that it suggests that we were ever out of action before). During this period, things have been quite overwhelming at times – and perhaps not just us personally. For example, we’ve noticed people around us being a little bit short with each other than was previously deemed acceptable. A little less considerate. Far more direct. Much more prone to cancelling well-laid and organised far in advance plans at the last minute. Being quick to offend unnecessarily and even quicker to being offended. Taking things out on each other. Certain people whinging anonymously about our feature in Metro (although hilariously we know who they are). That kind of bullshit. We are glad to say that said-stresses are starting to subside. Deals have been and are now being done; and we’re pleased to be able to say that Killing Moon is not only going to be around for a good while yet, but as our little operation expands exponentially over the coming months it will hopefully become the consolidated artist development platform and ass-kicking music company that we have always dreamed of it becoming since making this whole thing up around six (!) years ago. And on the social side of things, given our sense of pride finally decided to pack in sometime over the Christmas/New Year break, perhaps our new-found perspective on what those relationships actually are versus what we thought they were have made the whole enterprise a lot more manageable. So, based on the above, now’s a good time to get our blogging flex back on (although Olivia will likely be doing the majority of it for the foreseeable, mainly because she’s ace at it and we’re permanently fucked for time these days) and London foursome Beach Riot ain’t too bad as a proverbial point of creative writing re-entry. In terms of vital stats, as is customary, we have fuck all to share with you (which is just as well given as we’ve just taken a huge emotional dump on you all based on the above anyway) other than this being their debut effort, and that these peeps like to rock out in a way not too dissimilar from that of Queens Of The Stone Age, Bush and perhaps the heavier moments of Manchester Orchestra. Jeah.

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