ShitKid ‘Sugar Town’

Olivia here. I’m on day five of the worst cold known to man and it’s starting to wear thin. Aside from the obvious symptoms of congestion and tiredness, I’ve also managed to acquire a rather wonderful earache and sinus infection, plus a bonus prize of cracked sore lips. I never was one to do things by halves. So, I’m not envisioning this year’s Valentine’s Day to be very romantic (it’s difficult to be alluring when you’re watery eyed from sneezing and flushed from a constant temperature), although I did wake up to a lovely card and flowers from my very thoughtful other half (note to self: must go out and buy card).  I’m sure many blogs will be sharing super romantic love songs today, so to offer a little relief to those of you who don’t buy into the whole saccharine sweetness of Valentine’s Day I would like to share the latest, and most appropriately named single ‘Sugar Town‘ from trash pop superstar ShitKid, moniker of Swedish musician Åsa Söderqvist. Taken from her upcoming EP, this is a raucous two-and-a-half minutes of sassy garage rock, with wailing overdriven guitar, tinny percussion, and seductive punk inspired vocals. Sampling the classic hook from the Nancy Sinatra original, ‘Sugar Town‘ is dirty, heady, and the perfect antidote to the sickly sweetness of Valentine’s Day.

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