Luxury Death ‘Listerine’

Olivia here. Today is my birthday! I’m 23 years old today. I did most of my celebrating at the weekend with a long overdue trip to Hackney Farm where I petted goats, pigs, and donkeys to my heart’s content. Today has been a bit of a chilled affair seeing as I have been incapacitated by the cold to end all colds, so I have spent most of the day napping in between opening cards and watching reruns of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I did treat myself however, to a bouquet of baby’s breath, a cute little pot plant for my living room, and an egg yolk yellow throw from the charity shop opposite my flat. It’s actually a really beautiful day, and at some points, has even felt sort of warm in the sunshine. Perfect weather then for listening to some summery off-kilter lo fi pop courtesy of Luxury Death, whose latest release ‘Listerine‘, is a sumptuous three minutes full of organ like synths, hazy vocal harmony, and chorused guitar. Said to be based on ‘a friend’s struggles with relationship and identity’, this is a slow burner that grows with meaning with every listen. Enjoy!

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