Stove ‘Blank’

Olivia here. It actually started snowing today on my journey to the train station. It’s still Baltic outside, and I’m sat here typing away at my desk in my coat and scarf in an effort to keep warm, but it seems I’m fighting a losing battle. My fingernails are beginning to take on a fetching hue of lilac as the blood rushes to my internal organs in an effort to stave of the inevitable onset of hypothermia. So I won’t waffle on like usual, as any time my hands are on the keyboard, is time that they are not inside my scarf fortress. Today’s Track Of The Day is from the aptly named Stove (I’m beginning to think my subconscious was drawn to the connotations of warmth), with ‘Blank‘, taken from their latest EP ‘The Meat That Fell Out‘. Perhaps an indication of the current vogue for lo fi pop, the track harks back to artists like Pavement, with fuzzy chorus-heavy guitars, and a slacker rock vibe. On vocals is drummer Jordyn Blakeley, who’s stripped back vocal is complimented by harmonies in eerie dissonance, adding a dreamlike layer to the already hazy sound world. Check out the equally understated video below:

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