Bad News – So Much Light (Feat Vivian’

Olivia here. A lot of the music I listen to seems to have some kind of link to video game music – whether the artist has been inspired by the soundtracks of games, similar digital instruments are used, or it simply has that ‘feel’ – music inspired by video game soundtracks is well and truly in vogue, from the sawtooth waves used in grime music, to the techno inspired electronics in contemporary pop. As someone who grew up with the Sega Megadrive, and later the Playstation 1, I am thrilled. Much like TV theme songs and large scale film motifs, these midi melodies stick in the mind and become an integral part of the zeitgeist and our collective memory – what 25 year old can’t hum the Super Mario Bros. theme from start to finish? One of my favourite albums is actually the soundtrack to Fez, an indie puzzle platform game that took the underground gaming industry by storm a few years ago. Prolific composer Disasterpeace built an expansive sound world composed of chiptune inspired electronics, 80’s style synth pads, and bitcrushing, transforming Fez from cutesy video game to an all encompassing creative experience – I couldn’t recommend the soundtrack more. There are too many great gaming soundtracks out there to cite them all, but of course special mention must go to The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, which is said to have inspired Damien Verrett’s latest track under pseudonym So Much Light: ‘Bad News’ featuring singer-songwriter VIVIAN on vocals. Following the release of his EP ‘Idiot Soul’, this new cut is a sumptuously mellow pop jaunt featuring an intro riser inspired by The Legend Of Zelda. Whilst the sound world he has created is undoubtably stunning, it’s VIVIAN’s cooler-than-cool vocal that transports this song to another level – expect this to be on every cool kids summer playlists for lounging around by the pool. Paddling or otherwise.

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