Rooms ‘Cry Baby’

Olivia here. Today I woke (far too late) with one of those pseudo hangovers – not really feeling ill or anything, but the kind of groggy, sleepy feeling you get when you drink too much and go to bed far too late. So I am sat here in my pyjamas, at nearly two in the afternoon, feeling fully sorry for myself for no real reason at all. That’s not to say I would have changed last night however; my partner and I were celebrating our four year anniversary with a bottle of cheap Rioja and some trashy TV from the comfort of our far-too-small sofa. It was fun. I’m proud of us, where we are, where we came from – we met when we were 18 and 19, and we’ve grown into ourselves together. As our lives have changed, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better, as we’ve moved home, changed jobs, our relationship has been an absolute constant over the last four years. Of course, not all relationships can be so blissful, as demonstrated by LA based electronic duo Rooms‘ latest single ‘Cry Baby‘. Beginning with a cacophony of dissonant strings, the track launches into it’s gauzy chorus, with melt-in-your mouth vocal harmonies and sultry bass lines. Fuzzy synths and dreamy electronic flourishes compliment breathy vocals in haunting admonishment; ‘I know you cheated on me at the Loews in Santa Monica‘. As we approach Valentine’s Day, this hazy track is the perfect ear candy for those who are feeling a little stung by love. Enjoy.

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