Glass Peaks ‘Speak And Spell’

Olivia here. I’ve always been a lover of fashion. From the outlandish gothic ensembles I wore in my early teens to the androgynous boxy cuts I favour now, the ability that clothes have to transform a person has always inspired me. Sometimes the clothes I wear are based upon notions of a character I choose to embody for the day; this morning will I be a French ingenue? A shabby artist? A tomboy in sportswear? A girl in frothy tulle and glitter? These are the characters I take on with every foray into my wardrobe. Accessories too, make all the difference – a choker for a hint of subversion, a hair clip for primness. Of course the outfits I choose do nothing to change my actual personality, aside from perhaps making me feel more confident or capable. Even if I’m working from home, changing out of my pyjamas and into something put together (but always warm and comfortable) definitely has an effect on my productivity. Nothing will end my love affair with fashion, however the news that Kering, the luxury group behind brands such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent will be opening a snake farm to cope with demand for snakeskin products has left me saddened and angry. There really is no excuse to be using animal products when synthetics are available, and fur, leather, or snakeskin, will always look better on the animal than it does wrapped around some old cronies wrinkly shoulders. Snakes are beautiful, mysterious creatures, but there is nothing beautiful about a snakeskin handbag. Anyway, rant over. As I’m feeling all animal-righty and melancholic, I would like to share some gorgeous melancholic alt-pop with you today, courtesy of red hot Kent four piece Glass Peaks. Their latest track ‘Speak And Spell‘ is sure to take the indie world by storm, with a hazy sound world full of moody guitar riffs, pounding drums, and driving bass lines with lead singer Lewis’s haunting and melodic vocal floating above the mix. Taking inspiration from the likes of Joy Division and Foals, the band are almost mathematic in their approach to the guitar riffs and synth flourishes that add to the already full texture of the track, making for a heady wall of sound. Atmospheric and evocative, this is one track you don’t want to miss.

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