Hater ‘Had It All’

Olivia here. As I approach my 23rd birthday, I have found myself thinking more and more of how I have changed over the last few years. I often wonder if I was more interesting when I was full of teenage angst (which, let’s be honest, lasted well into my twenties) – every victory or knock back was felt more intensely. Life was black or white. I think part of growing up is mellowing out and seeing life for what it is; varying shades of grey, not so much a rollercoaster, but more a long train ride. Where you get off, is up to you. Someone recently told me that the art that stays with you, whether it’s a song, or a film, or a painting, is art that makes you feel less alone, that gives you that moment of clarity when you realise that someone else out there feels like you do. Which is why today I am listening to ‘Had It All‘ by Malmö indie pop band Hater, whose bittersweet ode to days gone past has been on repeat all morning. In equal measure devastating and uplifting, it’s lead singer Caroline Landahl’s heart wrenching lyric that stands out in this track. The fuzzy, guitar heavy sound world is reminiscent of shoegaze/dream pop bands like Asobi Seksu, providing a hazy, dreamy base for lovesick lyrics like ‘don’t come back to me cause you had it and you lost it’ to float above. Not only is this track sumptuous in terms of production, it’s also a brilliant demonstration of the band’s prowess as songwriters, and particularly as melody writers. Perfect listening for an afternoon of reminiscing.

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