Middle Kids ‘Never Start’

Olivia here. We’ve had a whole weekend to acclimatise to the idea of Donald Trump as POTUS, a weekend that saw over 670 women’s marches take place worldwide, in what was an indisputable message to the White House – we deserve better. There were more people in attendance at the flagship march in Washington D.C – reportedly far outnumbering the number in attendance of Trump’s inauguration. The attendance of the inauguration was under intense scrutiny this weekend, with images from the event showing relatively small numbers in comparison to Obama’s previous two inaugurations – despite this, the incoming President told the inaugural crowd that this was the largest of all time. When pressed, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested that this blatant lie was simply ‘an alternative fact’. There is of course, no such thing. A lie is a lie, a truth is a truth. One truth I can say with conviction, is that I am loving the latest track ‘Never Start‘ from Sydney trio Middle Kids, who have just signed to Domino in North America, and EMI in Australia. The new single taken from their upcoming EP is a charming indie pop jaunt, with folky instrumentation and a sweet yet powerful vocal from singer Hannah Joy. Fuzzy drum fills compliment pell mell guitar riffs, with ethereal vocal harmonies floating above the mix, providing a decadent harmonic world for this exhilaratingly ramshackle track. It’s the perfect song for singing along to at full volume, headphones in, news channels switched off and out of mind. Check out the hypnotising black and white video:

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