Elder Island ‘Bamboo’

Olivia here. It’s getting quite busy here in the Killing Moon office, what with our New Moons compilation launch show coming up next week and all that entails. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the business, if anything, I am usually more productive when I have a million-and-one different things to do than when I have the time to ruminate on one small project. It’s another beautiful day in London, and just looking out the window is enough to provide even the busiest person with a moment of zen. When I’m working from home I like to take small breaks every couple of hours or so, as I find it makes me feel more focussed and able to tackle the day’s work. Usually I do this by cooking something (last night I bought a packet of cake mix just so I could spend half an hour decorating it with white and yellow swirls of icing), watering my plants, or playing Stardew Valley on the PS4, my latest gaming obsession. It’s a simple farming game, quite similar in terms of visuals to the early Pokemon games, and it is pure relaxation to play. It has a wonderful 8 bit soundtrack, and there is something so soothing about growing 2D plants from seed, harvesting them, selling them, and repeating. Anyway, enough geekiness, I fear I have revealed too much about my private affairs, so swiftly one with today’s Track Of The Day, which is the latest offering from Elder Island, the sublimely tranquil ‘Bamboo‘, for which they have just released a new live session video filmed at the Metropolis Studios in London. Those of you who keep up to date with this blog will remember their interview with us way back in November (shame on you if not), and we are just as enamoured today as we were then. A track inspired by the bands’ travels, the basis of the song is formed by playful arpeggiated marimba, from which gentle cabassa sounds provide a shuffling beat with ethereal synths building throughout. Lead singer Katy’s understated yet melodic vocal floats above this heady mix, building into a repetitive chant towards the end of the track. This is a song built on layers and building blocks, and is the perfect track to listen to if you’re seeking a bit of zen today – check out the live session below:

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