Dutch Uncles ‘Oh Yeah’

Olivia here. It is a truly beautiful day today – standing in full sunlight on the stairs outside my flat, you could almost describe it as ‘mild’. Even though everyone is ready for warmer weather, we are actually only just over halfway through winter. Kind of depressing, but days like this make spring seem tantalisingly close, and I for one am perfectly happy to sit next to the radiator and pretend that it’s the sun warming my flat. While I’m pretending its summer here I’m listening to ‘Oh Yeah‘, the second track to be released from Dutch Uncles‘ forthcoming album ‘Big Balloon‘, an exquisitely sunny serving of alt pop from the left-field Manchester art rockers. Fans of the band will notice that this is one of their faster tracks, confirmed by composer Robin Richards who said of the track: ‘As well as aiming to write the fastest Dutch Uncles song to date, I wanted to experiment with subtle key changes guided by erratic synth stabs, contrasted with legato string lines.’ The synth certainly is erratic, sitting within a harmonic world not dissimilar to the synthy video game soundtracks of the 90’s, which when combined with lead singer Duncan Wallis’s distinctive wavering vocal and a tight rhythm section, makes for a track that is exuberant and entirely danceable. Tying these disparate elements together are effervescent backing vocals, reportedly provided by Everything Everything and Stealing Sheep. For anyone else who is wishing the winter away, this is the perfect track for sticking your headphones in, pretending you’re on holiday, and having a boogie.

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