‘Almost as genreless and original as it gets’ – Times of India

‘Intriguing…’ – Q Magazine

‘…both fiery and vital’ – NME


Born and raised in Hyderabad, London based Alluri’s latest track ‘Evari Kosam (For Who’s Sake)‘ is a flawless demonstration of how the music world is a truly universal sphere, which exists only in the cultural blend that shapes its very existence.

After digesting a diet of classical music as an early teen, an impressionable Alluri’s real music education began after he was gifted a guitar. Immersing himself an artist at a time, he learnt the guitar through the versatile catalogue of British indie of the 80s very finest. With Morrissey proving an overriding influence, it was his introduction to artists like The Doves on his relocation to the UK to study that really fuelled the singer/songwriter within.

Alluri gets the thumbs up from Q Magazine

A diarist to his core, Alluri’s songs almost wrote themselves during a six month travel break between completing his Masters in Finland and returning home to India. Contemplating a return to the setting that shaped him, travelling allowed him to assess how he had changed, provoking the realisation that in London he had been something of an outsider in cultural terms, while simultaneously feeling fully at home in aspects of British life.

Sung in Telugu while boasting a vintage, British sound, Alluri’sEvari Kosam (For Who’s Sake)‘ is the culmination of his journey to date. The original demo was immediately picked up by legendary producers Tommasso Colliva & Massimo Martelotta (Muse). With Telugu being so similar to Italian, Tommaso instantly bonded with the track, infusing his polished production style with Alluri’s raw songwriting talent. The new single represents a sonic shift in Alluri’s sound, employing an anthemic brass section and piano textures to enchanting effect, and with a haunting video from Indian director Reema Sengupta, the story of an ended relationship is solidified.

With support from Rob Da Bank, a recent feature as BBC Asian Network’s Track of the Week , and support from Subcltr London, Smashed Vinyl, Fame Magazine, and Gigslutz, this track is sure to cement Alluri’s status as an engaging and intriguing songwriter and musician.

‘Evari Kosam’ is out now via Killing Moon Records.





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