Anti Pony ‘Pale Blue Hours’

Olivia here. Unless the weather is particularly bad, I usually spend at least one day of the weekend with my other half on what we like to call ‘nature walks’, and since our move to the sticks, this weekly event has quickly become the highlight of my week. It’s a really beautiful way to unwind after a busy week, and one of the best things about it is the possibility of spotting and interacting with animals along the way. There are the usual culprits; squirrels, crows, and rabbits, but also some creatures you generally only see in the countryside, like the imposing red kite and colourful pheasants. Last weekend was particularly lovely – we decided to hike up to one of the many pubs claiming to be the oldest in England, The Royal Standard in Beaconsfield, which has a history stretching as far back as 1086 when it was listed in The Domesday Book. Pretty cool. We trekked under a huge railway bridge, through a stretch of National Trust woodland, and through a quaint little village on it’s outskirts. The best part of this trip by far, however, was our encounter with a little pony standing alone in a soggy field. Its long hair was nearly soaked through with rain, and with its forlorn little face it made for a pretty adorable sight. Luckily, I am always prepared for such occasions, and had two carrots in my backpack which, after a bit of coaxing, it ate up greedily, along with a few handfuls of long grass. Apt then, that today’s Track Of The Day comes from Stockholm pysch-poppers Anti Pony (formed by duo Alexander Pierre and Sanna Colling) with their latest release, ‘Pale Blue Hours‘. With haunting organs, distorted drum fills, and wailing guitars, this track is a huge, psychedelic wall of sound. Painfully cool vocals comes courtesy of Colling, who manages to negotiate a balance between soaring highs and understated lows throughout the track. The duo have been compared to the likes of Tame Impala and Deerhunter, but it would be remiss not to mention bands like The Doors, who arguably pioneered that organ-heavy psychedelic sound. A perfect Monday pick-me-up, this track is cool, glam, and full of vintage goodness.

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