Yucky Duster ‘The Ropes’

Olivia here. So it snowed yesterday, and a bit this morning, so readers will be pleased to know that my snow-lust has been satisfied. Not quite the 12 feet high drifts I was looking for, but snow nonetheless. Despite all this excitement, I’m actually in need of cheering up today. It turns out that I’ve torn my rotator cuff, which for those blessed few who haven’t injured their shoulder before, is the group of tendons which connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. It’s a part of the body which sees a lot of usage, so you can imagine how excruciating it is to do simple tasks like typing, making a cup of tea, brushing my hair, etc. Doping myself up on painkillers can only do so much to lift my mood, so I’ve had to look to music to do the rest. This is where Yucky Duster, the DIY melodic punk band who have taken their native Brooklyn by storm with their unique brand of punk pop madness comes in. Their latest offering ‘The Ropes‘ is a perfect blend of Jimmy Eat World-esque surf punk and Beatles style psychedelic pop, full of hidden treasures, from unusual foley effects to delightful mini guitar riffs. With electric guitars playing in complex harmonic counterpoint, unsettling close vocal harmony and assured pop melody writing, this is a track that will certainly lift the mood of any sore-shouldered sap.

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