Homeshake ‘Every Single Thing’

Olivia here. Apparently we are in for snow this evening. But not just any kind of snow – thundersnow, which apparently is when thunder, lightning, and you guessed it, snow occur at the same time, a relatively rare occurrence according to the brilliant minds at the Met Office. Not quite as exciting as say, a sharknado, but still exciting nonetheless. I personally adore snow, so you can imagine I’m feeling quite excited (as evidenced by my peering out the window every five seconds in anticipation of its arrival). I love the way it looks when its falling from the sky. I love it when it settles, creating a thick layer of insulation and the world becomes almost silent. I love the completely different reactions my pets have to it (my golden retriever goes into a complete frenzy, whilst my cat just looks at it with pure disgust). I have a vague mistrust of people who don’t like snow, much like people who don’t like animals or pizza. In order to while away the time before I can literally leap out the office window into a 12 feet deep flurry, I’m listening to ‘Every Single Thing‘ the latest offering from Homeshake a solo project by former Mac Demarco guitarist, Peter Sagar. This dreamy downtempo RnB track is chock full of lyrical bass lines and sweet falsetto vocals that float over the heavily chorussed synth keys. There are subtle nods to the RnB of the 90’s, in it’s descending motif and chromatic bass lines – yet this track retains its slick contemporary feel through the simplicity of the vocals. It’s lo-fi bedroom pop at its very finest, and sure to keep us all satiated until the snow finally arrives.

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