Grammar ‘Michigan’

Olivia here. I’ve had three days cooped up in the flat and I’m starting to go a bit stir crazy. I’m not a shut-in or anything, it’s just too cold to do much outside. My way of coping with this is cleaning – for the last three days, the flat has been absolutely spotless. I’ve hoovered every single day. This morning I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the inside of the shower. I’ve washed and re-washed my tea towels. I”M SO BORED. There are only so many re-runs of Fresh Prince of Bel Air you can watch in one day (which I have discovered is well into the double digits). I think the best way of coping with boredom is to indulge yourself a little bit. Whether that means buying yourself some flowers, reading a classic book you never got round to reading before, or taking the time to find some really good new music. Enter Massachusetts electro pop band Grammar with their latest offering ‘Michigan‘. This is a track built on layers and layers of sultry synths and syncopated percussion with an almost Latin flavour, providing the perfect backdrop for singer and multi-instrumentalist Barrie Lindsay’s breathy vocal. There is a unspecified retro feel to this track, perhaps due to the use of dissonant 7th chords in shimmering synth, warm sine leads, and heavily chorused guitar that were so common in 80’s pop music, combined with an understated vocal delivery and percussive flourishes. Full of subtleties and nuances, you will find something new to love in this track with every listen. Enjoy.

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