Lomelda ‘With You’

Olivia here. I don’t do well in winter. Many of us don’t, in fact 3 in 100 of people in UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a little known depressive disorder that is exacerbated by a lack of sunlight exposure during the autumn and winter months. You would imagine that those of us who have lived in a temperature climate with lots of rain since birth would develop some kind of immunity to SAD, but I suppose evolution hasn’t quite caught up with the rate our climate changes. As much as I am craving some sunshine, I do love a good rainy day. Not the kind of half hearted drizzle that we get most days, but huge fat droplets that pelt the windows into streaky submission and grey-almost-black clouds that hang heavy in the sky. Bonus points for thunder and lightning. When I moved to London four years ago, my student room had this big bay window which I planted my bed under (before a brick was pelted through it and I wisely moved my bed to the other side of the room) so I could listen to the rain hitting it when I fell asleep. I’m yet to find a window that has quite the same effect. For anyone else who is spending the day staring out of windows looking at the rain (and wishing for more), try listening to Texan duo Lomelda‘s latest offering ‘With You‘. Jazz inspired drums lull back and forth in a rolling rhythm to complement the unusual harmonic changes in this song, with plenty of dissonance in the gently driving guitar and singer Hannah Read’s fragile and trembling vocal. The vocals are particularly lovely, with understated lows and lighter than air highs, complementing heart achingly plaintive lyrics and the clashing vocal harmony that sits below, adding an air of unease to the otherwise sweet sound world. Part of this track’s charm is it’s rejection of the cliched lyrical metaphor that makes so many good songs bad – it is what it is, a yearning, human story of feeling lost and a little bit lonely. Perfect listening for rainy days sat by the window.

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