S4U ‘Sket’

Olivia here. I’ve recently moved out of South London and into leafy suburbia – and whilst the fresh air and the quiet is nice, I miss so many things about my old stomping ground. I lived in Lewisham for just over four years, entering as a wide-eyed 18 year old without knowing a soul, and leaving as a slightly wiser 22 year old (still no friends). I truly loved my time there. I loved the friends I made, the Irish pub next door that welcomed us as part of the family, the Jamaican patois that filtered through our open windows, the noise, the smog, the smoke. I loved the parakeets that inexplicably made their home in the tree opposite my flat, squawking good morning at each other and the buses passing below. On a recent walk through my new town in Buckinghamshire I actually found a pheasant feather on the pavement. I mean, really. It was quite exciting, but give me parakeets any day. One thing I really do miss are the school kids, having spent the best part of two years working as a singing teacher in one of the boroughs secondary schools. As much as I cursed them for commandeering of the entire top deck of the 171 to Holborn, my commute is a lot less colourful without listening to the trials and tribulations of those teenagers. Arguments, gossip, who fancies who, who has fallen out, where the best place to get chips after school is – if it hasn’t come from the mouth of a south London teenager, it just ain’t worth knowing. Now I have to listen to bloody Dave talking about his caravanning holiday in Norfolk. So, anything that reminds me of those happy days is welcomed with open arms, just like South London RnB duo S4U, whose blend of dreamy harmonies, and lo fi avant-garde production has enthralled since the release of ‘Twice‘ this summer. Back with a brand new track ‘Sket‘, the duo have further cemented their status as London’s most exciting new RnB artist, and this track smacks of the conversations I used to listen to on the bus, and is saturated with the very best of 90’s RnB brought bang up to date with cool chopped and screwed beats. It’s girl power; TLC remixed for the modern age. Fuckboys take cover, S4U are here to slay.

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