“We love this band!” – BBC Radio 1 Introducing

“A banger of a tune…a perfect demonstration of why Fizzy Blood have got where they are in such a short amount of time and sets them up well to go even further.” – The Tipping Point

“A beauty…one of those choruses you’ll still be singing tomorrow. Brilliant.” – Dave Rowntree (Blur), XFM


If your music is drawing comparisons to the leather clad, cast iron spirit of Pulled Apart By Horses and Queens of the Stone Age, and The Dead Kennedys beckon you to support them on tour, then you must be doing something right. Explosive and guttural, Fizzy Blood are aptly named and causing a stir.

The Leeds band consists of Benji Inkley (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Paul Howells (lead guitar/backing vocals), Tim Malkin (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Ciaran Scanlon (bass guitar), and Jake Greenway (drums). The new single ‘Animals’, released on Killing Moon & Alya Records, is a delectable banquet of guitar rich energy from start to finish. Its catchy, rhythm-focused, head banging rock influence is nothing short of original and sure to get stuck in your head.

“In Britain in 2016, there’s a growing culture of social elitism and entitlement that I’m sure everyone’s been on one side or the other at some point,” says Howells. “This song is just supposed to be a reminder of where we all come from and that we’re all really still the same when you strip away the job titles and the camel coloured windbreakers and the new model Audis.”


The five-piece garnered all the right attention last year with their debut EP ‘Feast’ acclaimed for its relentless, restless and robust vigor. After playing at SXSW this year, and touring with Max Raptor, Hyena Kill and ALLUSONDRUGS, Fizzy Blood are pleased to announce they will join JPNSGRLS on their upcoming UK/EU tour this November.

‘Animals’ is out now via Killing Moon and Alya Records



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