Beachtape ‘Rearranging My Ways’

(This week Track of the Day is brought to you by Olivia while Ach is living it up in Crete)

Today’s Track of the Day is called ‘Rearranging My Ways‘ from Brighton based band Beachtape. I spend a great deal of time scouring the web for new releases, and before I had even listened to this track, I knew it would resonate with me from the title alone, because I am constantly trying to ‘rearrange my ways’. It comes with the territory of being a massive perfectionist/school overachiever/swot (my ability to judge my self worth is in tatters since leaving education and the various systems of grades that I had depended on for so long). Sometimes, this is a positive thing, as no one could ever accuse me of doing a half-arsed job. Sometimes it’s not so good. Sometimes it means that I spend hours prone, face down on the sofa, ego battered by some imagined indiscretion or shortcoming. Recently, I realised that the most important rearrangement I could make in my life is to stop being so damn hard on myself all the time. Being 22 is hard. It’s okay to be less than perfect. To not live a whitewashed Instagram-worthy life, to not always live healthily, to not go for that run at the crack of dawn, to sometimes make mistakes. So, this track spoke to me in a big way. With a vulnerable vocal delivery, and psychedelic chorused guitar reminiscent of post-India Beatles tracks, Beachtape convey apathy and anxiety, elation and depression in equal measure. It’s achingly cool, dripping with irony, and perfect for fans of artists like Islands, Pavement, and Muskets. Have a listen and try not to worry so much.

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