Virgin of the Birds ‘Viktor Bokris’

(This week Track of the Day is brought to you by Olivia while Ach is living it up in Crete)

I’m flat hunting at the moment. I know, feel sorry for me. Due to various circumstances, I’m being wrenched away from my lovingly decorated one bed flat in Catford complete with balcony (on which I am inexplicably still growing tomatoes in mid October- global warming is REAL people), and am having to move away from London temporarily. Woe is me. However, there are a few upsides to this arrangement. Multiple viewings per week mean that I’m regularly making the journey from London to High Wycombe, a pleasant journey through a boundless green patchwork quilt of countryside. There are cows, sheep, and tiny brown rabbits that tear alongside the train. I’ve climbed to the top of a waterfall and stuck my bare feet in the spray, and I’ve watched as ducks and swans paddle up and down the long river that cuts through Wycombe Rye. I’m thankful for the hours spent with my best friend traipsing down high street after high street. As much as I loathe this process and the people that are part of it (estate agents/landlords can all go to hell), there’s a lot to be said for appreciating the little things that make it bearable. The right soundtrack can only help, and the latest album from Virgin of the BirdsSecret Kids‘ is perfect listening for a long train journey, particularly the single ‘Viktor Bokris‘. In equal parts melancholic and hopeful, songwriter Jon Rooney’s brand of lo-fi folk is essential listening for fans of Mac DemarcoSunset Rubdown, and Lilys. Kick back, look out the window, and enjoy.

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