Squirrel Flower
“Not Your Prey”

(This week Track Of The Day is brought to you by Olivia, while Ach is living it large in Crete)

A face has been haunting me this week. Every morning in fact, when I turn on the news, still bleary eyed from the nights sleep. It manifests at first as an orange glow, sunset warmth giving way to a Lucozade acidity perma-tan, save for a reptilian paleness around the eyes. I blink, and then appears the unfathomable pompadour, lacquered so diligently to the sides of the head that its beginning and end are merged into one inexplicable wispy bonnet. There is no mistaking who this face belongs to. I sink my face into my coffee and await the inevitable new segment on the latest accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump, the man many Americans are putting their faith into, to ‘make America great again’. I am sick of seeing this mans face on my TV. But make no mistake, I am so so glad that these women are coming forward, in some cases after years of silence, to call out Trump for what he is: a women hater. Even if these accusations turned out to be untrue (doubtful), this is a man who has gone on record saying that he hires women based on appearance, has made sexually charged comments about underage girls, and has admitted to using his influence to grope women with little consequence. That’s why I’m really digging Squirrel Flower’s latest single ‘Not Your Prey‘ from upcoming EP ‘Contact Sports’. The song explores the dichotomy between fragility and strength, by framing a protest against misogyny and sexual assault in a beautifully vulnerable sonic world. With vocals reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten and a lo fi grainy guitar, this song is at once power and tenderness as she sings ‘if you touch me I won’t be still, you’re no predator, I’m not your prey, I’m not your kill‘. Enjoy.

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