Nuela Charles
“Crumbling Down”

We have accumulated approximately 12 hours of sleep since Friday. That’s right. We are a goddamn machine, and at this precise moment in time – sitting in the back of a 12 seater van headed up a mountain range in Banf (in Alberta, Canada for the geographically challenged/those who cannot be arsed to have a little Google) with the incredibly accommodating Alberta Music crew – a very fucking tired one. During our more lucid and/or vivid moments since arriving here over the weekend, and given that we have recently aged by an entire year in the last week or so, we realise that we are quite frankly the luckiest person we know in terms of getting to do things that really very few people ever do. So rather than whining about our latest advent of sleep deprivation, we are fully aware that losing around a full day of our life travelling is a small price to pay for living the fucking dream (no pun intended, but have it anyway). Last night involved seeing a live showcase of local acts – we have been staying in a rather luxurious abode in one of the larger cities in the province called Edmonton – on the proverbial rise, and one of them we feel you should know about right away is a soul singer called Nuela Charles. One part soul and another part pop, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t drawn to her don’t-slow-me-down DIY work ethic that has resulted in several synchronisation of her formative single releases on this side of the planet, and more recently resulting in the plaudit of new single and our current Track Of The Day Crumbling Down being premiered via online cool dudes The Fader. Rather than bleating any longer on the topic, we’ll just say that comparative citations along the likes of Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Adele are rather well-earned. Check out the sleek video riddled with clips alluding to her social commentary in the lyricism below.

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