Interview: Coquin Migale

Occasionally, you just want to listen to some really good guitar music, and particularly in the current sonic climate, where everyone and their grandma are churning out electro hit after electro hit. Not that I mind, it’s just that it’s good to have a bit of variety every now and then. And variety is exactly what Newcastle indie-rock band Coquin Migale provides. From dizzyingly fast paced guitar driven anthems, to calming vocal harmony choruses, this band is set to achieve great new heights with their latest album. The band has also recently announced that they are headlining the BBC Introducing stages at Reading and Leeds. I had the pleasure of listening to the album ahead of its release and chatting to frontman Alex about the band’s influences and more.


KM: You guys are about to release your debut album, ‘Munro’. How are you feeling?

A: We’re extremely excited, this is a big deal for us and we’ve worked incredibly hard on the tracks featured. It will be lovely for people to have the majority of our songs on one record.

KM: Are you proud of your work?

A: Extremely proud, yeah.

KM: I’ve heard that the album is named after your manager. Can you confirm that for us?

A: We can confirm that for you.

KM: The album is like a blend of grunge and indie, however, the intensity of the tracks reminds me of the classic 3-minute punk song. Tell me about your influences and the artists who inspired you when creating this album.

A: Why, thank you! There’s a real wide array of influences running throughout the band. However, a few major influences are bands like: Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Peace, Bombay Bicycle Club, SBTRKT & Wolf Alice. I don’t think we were necessarily inspired by anyone in particular before entering the studio, I do remember having a moment or two whilst recording PT.2, and taking inspiration from a Matt Corby track, but I reckon that’s about it.


Live at Liverpool Sound City

KM: How does your writing process develop? Do you begin by jamming as a band or do you write separately and bring your ideas together at a later stage?

A: A large majority of the time, the writing is done by myself alone. I’ll work on something, then throw a demo together and send it to the rest of the band, preferably before a rehearsal in the week, so we’re all reasonably familiar with the foundations. It’s then, when we work together as a band to surgically create what we’re looking for.

KM: You talk about surgery, yet I would say your music sounds far more organic and raw than you give yourselves credit for. Listening to guitar driven music is quite refreshing in an age of drum machines, sample pads, and synths. Have you ever been tempted by electronic methods of music making?

A: Honestly, I have. I’m personally into a few electronic artists; Sebastian, Justice, Disclosure, Crystal Castles & LCD Soundsystem. No electronics as of yet, maybe some subtle use in the future?


KM: Sounds good. Do you have a favourite track on the album?

A: I think we’d all agree that PT.2 is our favourite on the album. Although Josh is an absolute sucker for SOCOTRA.

KM: You’ve recently signed to record label, Fierce Panda. How did that relationship develop?

A: I believe Fierce Panda caught onto us after the generous loving we were getting from Huw Stephens on his BBC R1 show and other various radio presenters. This led to our manager, Kelly getting himself a meeting with FP and somehow managing to swindle us a deal. Great day.

KM: Is the future bright for Coquin Migale?

Fingers crossed.

Fans can catch the band live at Reading and Leeds where they are headlining the BBC Introducing stages, or at their

free entry London headline show.

‘Munro’ is out on the 19th August 2016


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