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“Pink Dogs”

Cross Wires

It is really difficult to put ourselves in a celebratory mood right now. Killing Moon Records is five years old today. Or rather, it’s five-ish years to the day that we released our first ever record in an attempt to do something we would deem worthwhile, but also to try to extract some sort of fun in an environment that seems just hell bent on making us and everyone around us feel a bit shit about, well, everything. We realise that’s what we should do right this minute, in the context of  and perhaps its that ethos that has made some of the more trying times we’ve encountered over that time-frame just about bearable. Then again; in spite of all of this, today in itself does feel different from the rest of the week. Whether in part due to recent events, or indeed just because a slight switch has been activated within people, but we’ve personally experienced today people treating a little bit nicer. Being a little bit more patient. More tolerant. It’s cool. So we suppose today’s Track Of The Day inherently requires a degree of melancholy, but perhaps a bit more fun that going all balls-out emo on everybody’s respective ass. So we’ve delved into the info address and pulled out this post-punky effort from London-via-Essex crew Cross Wires, and a tune they’ve decided to call Pink Dogs. Admittedly we’ve never seen a pink dog before, but in our head it is one of the more chortle-worthy apparitions that we can conjure up in context of everything else we’ve been thinking about this week. By way of background, we understand that Cross Wires have played literally everywhere (in London) and have been blogged about by pretty much everyone. Including a blog called Chickens Are Dinosaurs, which further makes us happy by way of mental distractions. Pink Dogs features on the band’s forthcoming full length due out this Autumn/Fall depending on where you’re reading this, and if this is anything to go by, it will be laden with all kinds of sonic treats that sounds a bit like Joy Division jamming with TV On The Radio. Have a great weekend and try not to screw anything up.

Cross Wires – Pink Dog

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