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What is the point in being an artist these days? From our most-recent perspective, it seems like an awful lot of hard work for very little in return, especially in the immediate term. We suppose the evolution of just that – the immediate term – is the catalyst in the music industry equation that generally seems to put an undue amount of expectation on any given release. For example, we have had it in the neck today from at least three different people in our ostensible camp as to why “their” artist hasn’t blown up on social media (without trying to look as if they are purposefully blowing up on social media with things like, y’know, advertising spend and the like) and/or been added to the Spotify playlists that literally everybody seems fixated on these days. Which is hilarious, given the simultaneous bashing that we feel Spotify have endured ever since they dared to invent the concept of someone actually getting paid something for a stream. What utter bastards they are. Anyway, the point is, we (figuratively speaking of course) want our billion streams, and we want them right now. A lot of the time it just seems a shame that one commodity that we collectively have in finite supply by definition – being time, in case you can’t decipher our cryptic ramblings – isn’t really regarded as an important ingredient in the so-called artist development pathway. Simply put, we guess what we’re saying is that we would generally like to see more of the newer crop of artists relaxing a bit more and, y’know, enjoying the time that they certainly won’t get again when what they really wish for does actually come to pass. So in that way we would like to see a few more people like Smash Williams. Things have gone rather splendidly for Glaswegian duo Stuart and Gordan since we premiered debut online offering A Splash Of Colour at some point last year – and indeed, within that timeframe we believe we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a mini-taco or five with at least one of these guys in London, which is nice. Anyway, these kids have recently put out a new track called This One Will Go Down Hard – in itself perhaps relating to the subject matter than we’ve recited above – as well as (what the PR has asked us specifically to point out) currently being in “the” studio recording their debut single. Which is confusing in its own right given that we thought the stuff they had online count as singles themselves. But anyway; given such rate of progress we feel that they have qualified for one of our world-famous and in-depth interview episode. Brace yourselves. S’gonna get bumpy.

Smash Williams – This One Will Go Down Hard

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

We are Smash Williams, a two piece from Glasgow. You might remember us from such online blog premieres as A Splash Of Colour from September on Killing Moon.


Smash Williams – A Splash Of Colour

Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

Wildheart by Miguel. I was really late to the party with Miguel but absolutely adored Kaleidoscope Dream, (that’s a great Miguel-based pun btw for those in the know), so when Wildheart came along soon after my discovery I absolutely gorged on it. There’s so many tunes on it and his vocals are aff the scale. Now we’ve lost Prince he’s probably the sexiest man on the planet for good measure too.

KM: And, of course, there ain’t nothing wrong with being sexy. Let’s get to know this Miguel.


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

The Twilight Sad at The Barrowlands in Glasgow. Headlining The Barrowlands is a big deal for bands based in Glasgow (Kilsyth in this case but let’s not split hairs). This was the second time they’d done it but the first time they’d sold it out and it the atmosphere was electric. They’re the sort of band that people don’t just like but love so there was 2,000 people completely onside and in full understanding of the magnitude of the show and what it meant to the band. It was loud, blinding joy from start to finish.

KM: We currently own a Twilight Sad tshirt that we were pressured into buying by their label (which is a good sign, we suppose) one December at an Independent Label Market in Spitalfields. It has since turned pink in the wash, and the “light” bit of Twilight and “ad” bit of Sad on the tshirt are now a lot more rotund when we wear it now compared to then, mainly because we have turned into a right fatty of late. We like to think therefore we had some hand in the aforementioned successes of this band, as this contemporaneously seems to mimic the effect that we’ve had on their t-shirts.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

I’ve never really been one for mooning despite it’s obvious comic charm. It’s not that I have anything to hide, I just prefer to. Not be a stick in the mud though, I’ll say a random tourist in a photo-bomb style that will only be discovered on closer inspection of a cherished family picture.

KM: Googling “mooning a random tourist in a reluctant manner” gives us the following vision into your future:


You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

Be My Baby by The Ronettes as it’s my favourite song. I’m working on the ‘death row last meal’ logic here, so if i’m chowing down on a massive cheese pizza, I’m also going to want to hear this one last time before I go out.

KM: There’s an almost-Tarantino style approach to a death scene here. Good work.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Is this how I’m about to be killed? Preferably neither but since there’s a gun to my head and The Ronettes isn’t on the table, I’ll say Killing In The Name Of because I’ve never been one for doing what I was told. The irony is not lost on me that I’ve just done what I was told in choosing one of these two songs.

KM: The realisation during the pusuit of one’s individuality in this world that one is pretty much like everyone else in the world is a sacred one. We are very pleased to have played our role in that as far as you’re concerned.

Smash Williams, as a reminder, are at this precise moment in that goddamn studio recording their debut proper-single. It will be out later this year, so hold onto your butts for that.

Thanks to Matthew Keith Hutt at A. Gent Publicity


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