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Holy Fever

Holy Fever

It rarely ceases to amaze us how some people know us better than we know ourselves. Or, at least, particular aspect of our personality. We are dark and mysterious, after all. Or at least, that’s what we want people to think in the most ironic way possible. You have to keep people guessing in this game, you see. Be a devious little shit. Possess a plan within a plan within a plan. At least that’s what they tried to drill into us back in, oh, 2012 or something like that. Couple with our inane desire to be desired (whilst trying to look as if we don’t) with the constant ongoingness of having to treat ostensible work colleagues as friends (and indeed vice-versa) and you can see it is rather easy to lose touch with one’s personal identity from time to time; but the degree of personality retention in the eyes of those colleague-friends remains rather constant. The mud sticks, metaphorically speaking. This can be a bad thing in one respect; for example, a frienemy who knows how to push your buttons either for personal/professional gain, or indeed just for kicks. On the other, it can be a brilliant thing; for a more immediate and far-more-relevant example as far as you lot are concerned, we came to learn about today’s Track Of The Day’ers Holy Fever from a friend that we don’t see nearly as much as we’d like to as early as this very morning, who simply texted us a link to the aforementioned saying that he’d heard it and thought we would love it too (cheers Mattie). He was not wrong. Upon further investigation, Holy Fever seem to span the length and bredth of the United States in terms of band member constitution – some are from Los Angeles, others from Boston and Chicago. And some other places. They cite themselves as being based in LA, presumably because that’s where all the big-boy shit goes down according to Instagram. In fact, upon reading a bit more on the conveniently titled “about” section of the band’s Facebook page (good one, eyeballs), it appears this might even be considered a supergroup of sorts given that in tandem with their geographical stretchiness, the band members stems from a plethora of different hardcore bands that we ourselves would sonically jack-off to on the Dragging The Lake DVDs we’d get imported for a rather-ridiculous transatlantic mark-up, such as Give Up The Ghost and The Hope Conspiracy. Here, they seem to have retained the heaviness of their formative musical projects, but applied it in a way that would allow them a decent shot at the pop big-time. At least, that’s what debut full length offering The Wreckage (from which Duress is taken) seems to purvey. More applicable musical comparison in our head right now involve a spicy mix between the world’s of The Bronx, Young Heart Attack and The Subways. Check it out below.

Holy Fever – Duress

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