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Like A Motorcycle
“Into The Night”/”Hands”

Like A Motorcycle

Sorry about yesterday. And we mean that to most if not all people we spoke to, including you lot. The fact is, we lost our mind a little bit. On top of forgetting our wallet (we also very nearly forgot our car key, which we only realised after we had traversed the 11 floor to our super-secure underground parking situation and thus meekily had to elevate our ass right the fuck back up there), we also forgot the password to our laptop which very nearly resulted in Abbie McCarthy not being able to do her DJ thingy at Good Karma Club last night. Which of course we forgot to go to. It’s all very fucked up, you see. Being sleep deprived for a solid 36 hours, we mean. We suppose the nearest equivalent in terms of a mindset that we have to you to explain it all is that it is a bit like waking up on a dentist’s chair following having the most motherfucker of all local anesthetics pumped through ya body and immediately trying to do something useful. Like walk, or indeed talk. Or go to work. We suppose, in a way, it is pretty punk rock to defy one’s bodily needs in this respect and proverbially party on regardless. You know what else is punk rock? This lot called Like A Motorcycle, who indeed played their part in our most recent bout of voluntary insomnia due to our witness of their high octane live show at a venue locally known as The Big Fiddle (why do they call it The Big Fiddle? Likely something to do with the fact that the actual name is bare long to say, and also there is a massive fucking fiddle situation outside. We like saying fiddle. Fiddle fiddle fiddley-diddley-fiddle) just prior to the aforementioned sleep deprivation. And you can bet the dorsal section of your right butt cheek that they were pretty good at keeping us awake, and indeed were amongst the best live acts that we were lucky enough to catch over East Coast Music Week. Which in modern music industry speak roughly translates into “everybody was talking about them”. We were saddened to learn that due to, dunno, reasons, that this motley crew had to turn down a trip to the upcoming Great Escape festival, but we doubt it’ll be very long before they tip up over here – and personally we would be delighted to see a very welcome change to the current crop of stylised slacker-rock equivalents doing just that. Musically, we are getting a plethora of “The” bands – that is to say, The Distillers, The Donnas, and The Coathangers but with a much more certain pop application which makes us happy. We’re also going to chuck in by way of citations Queens Of The Stone Age (particularly The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret in reference to more recent effort Into The Night, Dead Confederate and The (there you go again) Misfits so we don’t look as if we’re throwing band namechecks around that just happen to feature women – based on what we’ve seen, this lot would send those guys running home to their respective mummas anyway. Boom.

Like A Motorcycle – Into The Night


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