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Ten Bears

How about this sunshine huh? It is definitely shades weather. We’re not so sure it is t-shirt weather. This hasn’t stopped our friendly neighbours in the delicious backdrop of West Hendon from (on the odd occasion, quite literally) bearing their tits to absorb as much Vitamin D as the skies are willing to permit. Some people just get more excited than others we guess. Take us, for example. We’re excited about all kinds of things coming up. The new Star Wars film – that’s exciting. Some deals pending for various people we work with – exciting for us all collectively. We’re going to Nova Scotia for the first time tomorrow and that’s really bloody exciting; although excitement is met with the usual anxiety of not being with The Finn for a prolonged period of time, but we have bought an entirely new winter-style hat from TK Maxx for the dramatic change in climatic conditions so that’s alright really. Also very neatly fitting into the exciting category and also conveniently soundtracking our inner 16-year-old (who quite frankly is raging with jealousy as to where our outer 31-year-old is at right now) are new-ish trio TEN BEARS. They are from Madrid and look like the sort of cool kids who would probably have a go at us for not specifically replicating their name on this medium in capital letters (because there is a big difference there, of course), so here’s us playing it safe. The Line Of Best Fit of course beat us to the punch in telling the world about the existence of TEN BEARS, and in doing so confirmed our immediate suspicions that this lot have some sort of connection with Hinds. Whilst all of that might be read with a an undertone of passive-aggression, the truth couldn’t be further than that – TEN BEARS sound fucking great. There’s a sol-drenched aesthetic that we’re obviously digging given the mindset we are in right now; and a care-free message in the context of both the songwriting and production of Falling that again suits our present state right down to the ground. Names like Passion Pit, The Naked & Famous and CSS are raging in our brain whilst listening to Falling (and it’s other musical associates that we feel the need to prop up as well), so further props are due for hitting the student-led nostalgia (uni was 10 years ago for us, to be fair). This just makes us more psyched for Primavera than we already were. Jeah.

TEN BEARS – Falling

The associates.

TEN BEARS – Joaquin Phoenix

TEN BEARS – Lovers

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