“What Will Life Make Of You?”


Bit tired. Yesterday was mighty action-packed, in the context of both the head- and leg-mental. Reeling off a Tuesday evening spent at Soho House catching up with actual-friends – we must admit, their margaritas are pretty much spot-on, but we will never understand how the dining room system works there (we’re not a member by the way, but in fact are quite content to sponge of the large plethora of people we happen to know that are so we can remain on our self-made moral high horse about it all whilst simultaneously being able to imbibe their cocktail menus on a sort-of fortnightly basis) – and watching Jez’s guy Allman Brown perform great deeds with his voice, instrumentation, and blasé wit. It was very nice. The next day we found out we apparently know how to run a business, which is nice for all concerned and particularly those concerned with our business. We’re all good here guys. Yesterday evening was a fantastic icing on our already-sweltering ego cake, namely in form of seeing John Joseph Brill play the show that we think he always wanted to play to a rather packed-out St Pancras Old Church. What can we say, other than he’s a hot-stepping bad-ass, which we invariably say all the time. So, as mentioned, we’re a little tired right now, but very much pumped to see OTW 2016 list-maker Ben Hobbs do his debut thing at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen tonight. Whilst you’re processing all that information, soundtrack your life in the easiest way possible with this guy LUMEN, who happens to be the purveyor of our current Track Of The Day called What Will Life Make Of You? – indeed a degree of songwriting rhetoric that has played in our own mind for the last 24 months, at least in the literal context. LUMEN also happens to be the name of our least favourite character in Dexter, but that’s okay. This one makes nice music. He is also from Liverpool and is…..sevenfuckingteen? Great. We’ll add to the list of credentials that he is pretty much exactly half our age and doing wonderous things that we wish we did/were doing from time to time. Music-wise, there’s a dichotomy at play here that alludes to this chap’s background as a “bedroom” musician and/or producery type. On one hand, and very much written into the undertones of What Will Life Make Of You? (in fact, fuck it, check out one of the guy’s formative works below to see what we mean), you’ve got the quirky digitalism take on indie music that you get with like likes of Postal Service, Daniel Wilson and St. Lenox; one the other, a clear stab at the poppier end of the spectrum, re your Bombay Bicycle Clubs, The Drums, The Cure. So some seriously good shit spread in a pleasantly non-suspecting and unassuming way. We therefore like this guy.

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