“It’s A Secret Life”


“What would you…expect me to do?”. The question posed to us by a a prospective…person that we were discussing various vantage points of forming a working relationship with this morning. Or afternoon. We’re not sure. Today has just flown past and we seem to have spent most of it in the office meeting room (there is a now a vicious rumour going around that we do, in fact, live in the fucking office) or on the phone. Or the Skype. Or the email. Just communicating all over the fucking shop, y’know? The utteror of that most poignant of questions (in a very non-casting couch kinda way, we might add too, lest our words and actions get taken out of context as some so often do on the bloody internet) had a very good point. What the hell do we think we’re doing? Why are we so fucking het up on frigging with as many people’s lives as are willing to be frigged with? Whilst we don’t really know the answer to that just yet, the (or, rather, our) answer to our protagonist’s questioning was fairly simple. We would expect you to be you. Which as simple as it sounds is simultaneously the hardest fucking thing to do when all you wanna do is work out where you belong, especially with these kinds of gigs. We suppose the key to achieving this is to genuinely stop giving a fuck. Let’s take current Track Of The Day people Pavan. Their fucks:giving ratio, from our limited experience, is remarkably low. And in the greatest possible way. One guy wants to give it the moody Disney Prince motif; the other is quite happy giving you a cheeky boyish smile. You’re just going to have to live with that; no apologies. Further, they didn’t seem to give many shits either (similar to fucks, just way more adhesive) when they positively busted into our demo inbox – which, admittedly, is pretty fucked up right now due to us being busy with deal-lubing and wise-cracking, which quite frankly is a full-time endeavour in itself for which we make no apology – by just slinging debut effort It’s A Secret Life with little-to-no explanation as to just what the heck they think they’re playing at. To be fair, they did ask us how “it” was going, which is nice of them. Musically-speaking, we can’t think of anything to accompany the sun-drenched London backdrop that we’re richly enjoying through a smeggy Camden window right this minute. It’s like you have the dreamy-mindbending campness of Delorean and/or Twin Shadow, backed up with the chilled-out entertainment purveyed by the likes of Bowie and the breathing eccentricity of Super Furry Animals. A stunningly ambitious effort, and a very welcome change to what is currently considered pop music these days.

Pavan – It’s A Secret Life

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