How the bloody hell is it nearly the end of the day? We only just got into office, like, ten minutes ago. Or was it ten hours ago? Not sure. Sun rises pretty early and pretty highly in the morning these days, which might go some way to explaining how we’re able to get up at the previously-impossible time of 7am as we did today. We used to pride ourselves on being an 11am kinda guy, mainly because, well, we had a little difficulty getting up in previous times, owing to many hangovers of varying proportions and a disincentive to go a place (called work) where we mainly felt like a square peg trying to fit into a circular hole on a daily basis. You get the idea. Hopefully you’ll also get the metaphorical intention behind using the sun to describe our mood. The weekend was amazing. We’re convinced that whenever we’re with the Finn, we are essentially unstoppable. At least as far as never being bored and always enjoying being together are concerned. We also got to spend some quality time with our old bros Chris’n’Jez and meet a new addition to our ostensible crew (s’up Suze) whilst munching on a Sunday roast which we all know is basically the best thing you can do on a weekend. So perhaps we need to kick things back a notch or two, given the pace at which everything is moving for and around us right now. Enter FAITALA, which to be fair does indeed sound like a withering ninja of an entity in nomenclature terms alone, to help us chill it all the fuck out in the best way possible. We understand, from an agent of sorts representing the band, that they are a bit from Manchester and another bit from Auckland. One is round about here; the other is somewhere way over there. Make of that what you will. The result is a delicious form of electronic-tinged indie pop delivered in a production style that really reminds us of occasional associates Deafkid. In terms of the composition, and playing on the whole part-here-part-there context that we’re conveniently building on, we’ll give it The Naked & Famous and Chvrches. Party on. Also stay tuned for a new effort from this illustrious trio which is due to drop at some point towards the end of this month.

FAITALA – Beasts

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