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We gotta tell ya folks – and you’ll have to accept our apologies for being all, like, preachy and shit – but not being hungover on a daily basis is doing wonders for our efficiency, self-esteem, and ability to concentrate. And our bank balance. And digestive tract. We could go on, but then we’ll really start to gross you out rather than the intended effect of impressing you lot by finally using the word hangover and/or the words hung over in a context of what we are not, rather than what we are. Don’t get us wrong. We still enjoy some of the sauce. For example, our soon-to-be-departing-this-country brother has for the last month or so progressively been getting us into different types of whiskey and schnapps, perhaps alluding to what we’re likely to be doing when we periodically join him for shits and/or giggles in Austria in the coming months. We had a nice bottle of wine yesterday. Spent a tenner. It was real nice and we even sipped slowly, albeit generously. For some inexplicable reason – perhaps related to what we’re blathering on about here, perhaps not – we’re delightfully optimistic at the end of this week, and effectively this month, about pretty much everything. And now that you know that, it is only right that we bring the mood down with the mournful pop music sent forth by current Track Of The Day’er So Below, with her new-ish effort Luna. That means moon in lah-de-dah speak. We could tell you what other words mean in lah-de-dah world, but then we’d be missing the point of this post entirely wouldn’t we. Anyway, So Below is, in fact, a rather prolific ethereal singing-songwriting-producery New Zealand lady called Maddie. Luna seems to be the latest in a string of recent slew of Soundcloud uploads for our gal Maddie, each of which has been received with much aplomb to the online music community at large. Or something. The music is sweet. You’ve got the songwriting prowess of Daughter with the smooth often-electro delivery of Poliça (any idea how long it takes to do that squiggly-tail thingy on the “c” there? Fucking ages, that’s how long. Cut’n’paste FTW), and the sombre production abilities of Worship. Bloody great. Have a sensational weekend.

So Below – Luna

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