Premiere: SAHARAS
“Just Like Devils”


“We made it. Another week on earth complete”. This week’s quote by way of de facto scripting how our life seems to operate on, indeed, a weekly basis these day comes from Steve “The Hurricane” Davis. He is a band manager with a very similarly-sounding name to pretty much the only snooker player we can remember the name of; hence why we simply must take the piss out of every opportunity to do so, including on here. We suppose Steve’s quote touches on what we imagine to be at the forefront of many a music industry person’s mindset – or, indeed, anyone else’s for all we know – given very recent events in only the last week or so whereby people can be around one minute, then simply not the next. So we give credence to this reminder that, in fact, even getting through shit in one piece these days can be considered an accolade. We imagine getting through to the stage of online premiere for a band such as SAHARAS – who just so happen to be our Track Of The Day’er, the track itself which, as mentioned, we have the pleasure of premiering for y’all today – could be considered such an accolade. That is to say, from the starting point of even putting a band together; the collaborative writing process; then comes the recording, the engineering, the production, the mastering; all lovingly attended to without any real guarantee that anyone will actually give a shit about it, which you only really find out about at the end of the entire and rather-longwinded process and in respect of a world that consumes this and moves on somewhat instantaneously. So, props to SAHARAS for even making it to this point. Even more props unto them for delivering Just Like Devils, in all its emotive and hard-hitting indie rock glory. In terms of nostalgia value, we’ve certainly got a wave of the guitar bands of the early noughties hitting us right in the earhole. That is to say, for example, real-early Foals (ref: Mathletics, particularly in regards to the more plinky-guitar moments of Just Like Devils). Other citations along these lines include The Editors, We Are Scientists, Two Door Cinema Club and the heavily underrated Sound Of Guns. Get into it. And have a great (and safe) weekend.

SAHARAS – Just Like Devils

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