Premiere: Elka
“Burnt Out”


We just got ourselves a brand new car. Kind of. Well, not really. We got a very nice hand-me-down; possibly the nicest that we’re likely to ever get. We can say on one hand this makes us feel way better than we did before spending the circa-£900-plus-VAT that we recently dropped on our really-not-as-steadfast-as-we-thought and super family-friend Renault Megane in order to make the bugger technically roadworthy once more. And given recent goings on in the musical/touring world, we guess no price is to high to pay when it comes to passenger safety. It stung nevertheless. Our brother – actual brother, as in blood relative, and seemingly the person who knows us the most to the point that he inadvertently served a rather pivotal role in our ongoing mission to snap out of all the music industry bullshit we clearly fell on the wrong side of several years ago (he made us cry in Barcelona upon calling us out on said-bullshit) – is leaving us at the end of this month. Well, that’s the way we’ve psychologically decided to see it based on what we’ve instinctively just written anyway. As a result of he and his equally-brilliant girlfriend Hanna, who we have indeed come to think of as the sister we never had, moving over to Austria at the end of this month to start what will undoubtedly be an amazing life together, we inherited the good car. And right this minute, all we can feel is the strange balance of emotion that exists between sincere happiness for two people we love very much indeed, and the inevitable sadness that they won’t be (quite literally, in fact) next door to us anymore. Still. The car is cool. Perhaps the given track title of our current Track Of The Day – a premiere, in fact, which we’re very fortunate to have been asked to perform – by the name of Burnt Out could accurate describe the aforementioned mental state we are in right now. Or, indeed, the car that we’ve just swapped with our brother. Burnt Out cometh forth from a band of merry men depicted above called Elka, which we imagine is intended to describe something a bit moosey. As in a moose with antlers, rather than the delicious desert. We could be so very wrong in so many ways there. What’s so very right in this instance is the emotive take on what we would otherwise describe as quintessentially prime British indie rock music – we’re getting a sincere smack of Ian Brown melding with the more directed-musical moments of Foals (specifically the song where they go all “Be there, ah be there” etc etc. You know the one. We clearly don’t), and we also find ourselves humming the musical melody of IncubusDrive over this at several junctures. Which ain’t a bad thing at all. This is the first track to be released from the Littlehampton-via-London five piece’s debut EP – conveniently titled the ELKA EP, so you can’t mix it up with anyone else’s – and the single itself is set to impact on the world on 9th March. With a host of live dates to commemorate the aforementioned release – Londoners can themselves get their Elka kicks at The Victoria on 19th March, and/or The Finsbury on 31st March – you can bet your individual soggy-bottoms that Elka will be popping up on various radars hither and thither on the not-too-distant future.

Elka – Burnt Out

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