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Chain Wallet

That above-image is almost as long as the list of questions buzzing around here, there and every-fucking-where following a weekend spent at the second-ever Where’s The Music? conference-slash-festival in the idyllic wintery surroundings of Norrköping in Sweden. Admittedly the events following what was indeed a fantastically organised event by some of the best people this line of work has to offer – that is to say, the ones that say what they mean, and don’t attempt to use politics or any degree of arm-twisting to get what they want out of you – played on the minds of most of the occupants of our various social media feeds. Even more admittedly, we find ourselves right this minute pre-occupied by the tragic events that surrounded the death of a band and a manager that were seemingly liked by a lot of people we’re friends with. But as a wise Ben Soep once told us in one of several thousand hours of need that we’ve had over the last few years, it is important to not go searching for sadness. So we’ll just settle for thinking about all those far more directly concerned than we ever are/were, and perhaps from this point onwards not taking those important to us for granted as we all so often do. Cool. Now we can get on with it. Given that we had to get out of dodge as it were on the Saturday morning to (later, we discovered) incur the full onslaught of frustration that is British Airways ballsing up a simple flight transfer at Heathrow (don’t worry dudes, we’re checking out the “help me” bit of your wonderful website as we type this, and have a shitload of hotel and train ticket receipts to throw at your collective soon-to-be-compensating-us asses), we sadly missed out on a full night of live action at Where’s The Music?, which happened to include current Track Of The Day’ers Chain Wallet. One of the “best people” types that we’re glad to have met this weekend, albeit very briefly, slung this on email format and so we’ve only just checked them out now. They good. Real good. Turns out we’re not the only ones who reckon so given they have been steadily accumulating props from everyone bigger-than-us, such as The 405 and The Line Of Best Fit. Which is cool. So before we take Ben out for lunch to celebrated a belated birthday (he says he went out and got “pished” on Friday, so that’s pretty cool), let’s all vibe out to the wonderful clip below containing all the Joy Division via The Cure via The Smiths angled-potential that this promising indie band has to offer.


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