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Premiere: Eastern Barbers
“Ill Timed State”

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We’ve been inexplicably stressed for the last few days. Well, perhaps we can do something about the explicable bit. We must, rather, lest we end up with a crater-face like we did this time last year that told a clearer tale about how things were really going than we were seemingly able to. The phrase “all good things must come to an end” has been chucked about two or three times this week, most likely by us. The simple fact is that for the last, dunno, six months or so, we have very much enjoyed the true meaning that a term like independence permits us to. Independence means having the ability to choose one’s own fate; in stark contrast to the rather flippant marketing term usage the music industry seems to enjoy at the moment for the sake of putting things in a language perhaps the more opinionated of us can understand. The use of the word “organic” in the same context fucks us off as well, buts that’s another story for another time. So, generally-speaking, we had experienced for the first time in what felt like forever a thing called being content. We moved in with someone we’re very deeply in love with. We had our family’s support and indeed understanding on everything we were doing, even though we’re sure this entire enterprise might seem like one massive fucking waste of time to them. We knew, for the first time, who our real friends are. Our business was finally on the offensive once again after several years of compromising ourselves in the quest to further it all. We still have the vast majority of those things; however, the more recent news that two people that we spend a great deal of both our working and personal time with aren’t going to be so available imminently has, we suppose, been the last tip-over on the getting-to-us scales in a year that has already seen us burning at both ends at the same time. Guess that really means that our boom-ting debonair of independence has been rocked slightly, in that we clearly don’t get to choose everything we want. If that all sounds very first-world problems, that’s because it is. We work in music for fuck’s sake – an environment whereby if you are, and everything you do is, anything less than exceptional then you’re considered a fuck-up, not least of all by the demons in your own head. So, anyway, we need to reign this shit back in. Let’s start with this video premiere of a brand new effort from previous Track Of The Day’ers Eastern Barbers. We hear these guys are on the up, and we want in. So Abbie McCarthy’s booked ’em for this month’s installment of Good Karma Club, which is nice. So – progress has been made since the last time Ross and co graced our inbox. Other such progress includes furthering the band’s already-released debut EP named Everybody’s Elsewhere (you’re fucking telling us, guys) by rolling out a single campaign proper for one of the aforementioned EP’s tracks called Ill Timed State, which we have the privilege of premiering for you lot today. The music? Well, we think these guys will do very well indeed. We realise that you lot hear that every fucking day about every single band that every single blog is blogging about every single second of every single day. But (of course there’s a but. There is always a but) Eastern Barbers have captivated a strong man’s approach to songwriting that we feel rivals that of The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and/or Miles Kane, indeed all wrapped up in a vocal delicacy that could be hailed as the next Pete Doherty both in context of its incisiveness, fragility, and at least this listener’s ability to relate to what they’re on about. The video, whilst unlikely to win any Oscars any time soon even in this day and age based on production, feels like the perfect accompaniment for a track such as this and what it seeks to achieve. We cannot wait to see them live for the first time, as a true fan. Have a brilliant weekend.


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